Easter Vigil

Paschal triumph, paschal joy! Only sin can this destroy.

Thank goodness. We’ve made it. In one piece, just about. Nothing’s been tripped over either, which let’s face it, is a miracle in itself. The befogged, blurry land has lived has become ‘as clear as the day’. I’m saving myself from bursting out in a wild chorus of “I once was blind – but now I see!” Alleluia!

I am of course, not talking about me at all – or my new varifocal spectacles – I am really talking about the resurrection. In the light that rises in the darkness, in the dawn of new life, in the breaking forth of hope, it all makes sense. Death is defeated, life is restored.

What joy!

That’s what we’re doing – a joyful thing. In a moment we go to the font to make concrete the journey we’ve made this week: publically declaring, under the watchful patronage of the saints that we reject sin, that Jesus is our Lord, that we are his and that we will do his work in the world today.

For that’s what being a Christian is. Our worship empowers us to serve, to know forgiveness, to bring forgiveness, to live in freedom and joy, to exist in loving obedience to the Father, walking, joyfully with the Son in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The great sweeping story of salvation that we have listened to in our vigil reminds us that the only threat to this – the only thing that can screw it all up – is our temptation to fall into sin. And here’s the thing. We don’t have to.

We can choose. We can do the right thing. We can follow Jesus. We can pray. We can worship. We can serve. We can tell others about this wonderful gift we’re given and bring them to know the joy of the resurrection.

We don’t need to trip, fall, to be spiritually blind any more. The light of Christ rises in our hearts and minds. Celebrate! rejoice! Throw of the shackles of the past. Don’t be a miserable Christian any more! Don’t let sin destroy this Paschal triumph, paschal joy!

Alleluia! Christ has risen!


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